Blue Stone Mobile Massage
Bringing Relaxation to You
Preparing For Your On-Site Massage

While the therapist will bring everything needed for your massage, there are items you will need to address beforehand in order for you to experience relaxation at its best.  Please read the following to prepare for your in-home massage:

Space size: The minimum sized area required for working comfortably with table massage is 10' X 7'. Once you have determined you have adequate space, move any items that may be in the way.

Lighting: A lamp or two usually provides enough light. if possible, avoid bright florescent lights as they are not relaxing.

Electric outlet availability: Your therapist will need 1 outlet accessible for plugging in a music player, preferably with a small table or stand to set it on.

Pets/Children: While it can be comforting having your pets and children around, consider if it will contribute to your relaxation as well as to the peace of your therapist.  A cat moving about quietly is not a problem but a barking dog can be very distracting and crying or loud children will not relax you in any way.
















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